Name:Graveyard Raven


Pronouns: They/He/It

Race:Mixed, Black,Taino,Cherokee


Hobbies:Journaling, Reading, Crafting, Crocheting, Sewing, Making Patches, customizing anything I own, learning Ham radio, Painting on rocks, having brutally hardcore sex,going on walks with my cats, kink/fetish/bondage, finding old tech, taking photos, bitching on the internet.

Other: I am a self discribed Misanthrope, Nihilist, Interloper, Luddite, and lycanthrope.

I moved around all my life, but two years ago I finally settled down and started to live in the middle of butt fuck no where in the middle of the woods in the mountains with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is better than yours and I'm obsessed with him.

I spend most of my days when not depressed preparing for some vending gig or fetching by boyfriend water as he works on the land or carrying a large bag of random shit that I dont need around with me at hardwearstores because its a fit and "well what if-".

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